Firearm Amnesty 2021

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and YOUR GUN! What you NEED to know about the firearm amnesty 2021. It is important to state the following first: Unfortunately, a lot of firearm owners lent out their ears to Wise Asses. NOW, it is backfiring on you and they are Missing In Action. A lot of these are working in gun shops, […]

Firearm Instructor Course Sponsorship

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Shooters’ is SPONSORING Firearm Instructor courses! We have decided to team up with Izalathiso Consultants in Pretoria. Most of you will know them as IC Guns. We are investing in the Next Generation. You see, according to us, there are not enough youngsters in the trade of firearm instructor. Maybe you will differ from […]

Green Firearm License

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Is the South African Green Firearm License still valid? Is the green firearm license still valid? White license expired but I still have a green license. What now? This is the question on everyone’s mind nowadays. At least everyone who owns a firearm in South Africa and are still in possession of a green Firearm […]

Apply for a Firearm License: Why Firearm Licenses are Declined

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Was your Firearm License Application Rejected! Firearm License Applications and why the get Rejected It is becoming more and more and more difficult to obtain a firearm license. I know what the law says and I know there are many that will say:” You only need this and that. You don’t need this and you […]

Firearm Amnesty

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Firearm Amnesty. Expired firearm licenses. This may be your last chance to legally comply with the S.A. Firearms Control Act. You must act now. We can help.

Online Competency Training

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We DID IT! You can now start the whole process to your license application in South Africa ONLINE! First of all, we need to set one thing straight. There is no such thing as Competency Training for Firearms. Training centers issue Proficiency Certificates once you have successfully completed a course. The COMPETENCY CERTIFICATE is issued […]