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Shooters’ Network

A world of shooters unite…

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” -Albert Einstein-

Internationally Approved Courses

All IC GUNS INTERNATIONAL courses are approved by the International Accreditation Organization. IC GUNS INTERNATIONAL is a proud member of the IAO.


The unique world-first Shooters’ Network allows you to enroll in online course related to firearm training and obtain a certificate of completion.
The founder of Shooters’ Network is a professional firearms instructor with almost 30 years hands-on experience in the law enforcement and private security fields.
Read more about the founder HERE.

Firearm Instructor Courses

We endorse the professional firearm instructor courses presented by IC Guns. You can view their credentials here

Shooters’ Network has unique Membership fields, each with its own benefits:


Student: Various student levels allow for unique one-time enrollments for specific courses related to firearms, self- defense, sport shooting, hunting, etc.
Member: This level allows discount or free courses and access to the courses students in the Student levels will pay for.
Instructor Membership: You will have to send us your credentials as a qualified firearms instructor for verification before accepted in this level. Here we train instructors! No instructor is a KNOW-IT-ALL! There is always room for improvement in all of us. Remember, a great instructor always learns more… Be on the lookout for our Mastering Adult Education Courses and other all time greats.

About the Founder

Francois Meyer, Adult Education Professional, Qualified Life Coach, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Practitioner and Professional Firearms Instructor teams up with world class professionals to set new benchmarks in firearm training and adult education to empower YOU.

Online Shooters Association

Shooters’ Network is a unique platform where shooters find online association, unique online training, blogs by professional trainers and much more.

This unique platform allows self defense firearm owners, sport shooters, hunters and firearm enthusiasts from across the world to belong to professional worldwide association. We strive to provide you with professional courses in the comfort of your home. (Off course this will not include shooting!)

Shooters’ Network has a membership level specifically for firearm instructors. This aims to uplift professional firearm instructors, hone the skills in class and on range, coach the next generation and become an even better instructor than you are now.

Want to own a Firearm in South Africa? Start here. You will find an online Firearms Control Act course to get you started in the process.

Are you a Firearm Training Provider? Interested in joining our affiliates? We supply world class learning material country wide! Contact us: IC GUNS

Dedicated Staff

Our staff and instructors are passionate about their fields of expertise and the fresh approach of Shooters’ Network.

Creativity First

Our methods have a positive impact on learning. Our creativity makes learning fun. We put an emphasis on creativity within a structure that has been proven to have a positive impact on learning.


We offer a wide variety of courses, ranging from self-defense, sports shooting, hunting to professional courses in adult education.