Green Firearm License

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Is the South African Green Firearm License still valid?

Is the green firearm license still valid? White license expired but I still have a green license. What now?

This is the question on everyone’s mind nowadays. At least everyone who owns a firearm in South Africa and are still in possession of a green Firearm License issued under the Old Firearms Act prior 2000.

There is a lot of confusion about the validity of this license and the media is not helping much.

Let me explain: The current debate lets you believe that if you have an EXPIRED White License under the new FCA (Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000), but you still have a GREEN License for that firearm, the green license makes the firearm still valid.


Regardless of what the media or some groups tell you. You see, the moment you have switched over to the White License, you automatically swore compliance to the new FCA. Then the rights you had under the old act has fallen away. Now, a guy said to me that he never signed anywhere to state that he declares his green license invalid and will now comply with the new act, so the green license is still valid even if his white license expired.


White License

Once you have immigrated to the new FCA and have a new white license, you must comply with the new FCA and the expiry dates of your license/s. This is not debatable. Yes, it is an immigration, which means the old no longer applies to you.

Green License and the pending court case

Like it or not, you may have heard that the green licenses were safe for a few years and the court has ruled that if you have a green license you are safe. You may also have heard recently that the SAPS plan to challenge that ruling in court on the near future.

Now, based on the previous court rulings on firearm licenses in the last few years, I am going to say the following:

Be very careful when lending out your ears to the media and the “guru’s”, Yes, there are many….

Your questions should rather be:

  • How can I be prepared if the court case rules in the favor of the SAPS and green licenses become invalid?
  • What will happen if the court case rules against green licenses?
  • How much time will we have to comply with the new FCA?
  • What will happen if we don’t comply?

Make sure you have done the proper firearm training at an accredited training provider. (see a list of our preferred providers here).

If the court case rules in favor of the SAPS, you may have a restricted period to switch over. I said may. I cannot predict the final say, but I do know that they plan to challenge it shortly while the Amnesty is still going on. Remember, you only have time to comply with the Amnesty until the end of January 2021.

Do Not Delay.

Read more on Amnesty here.


I am afraid that if you do not comply, you may have to hand in your firearms or face criminal charges for illegal possession of firearms.

If you have not done training under the new FCA and do not possess a Competency Certificate for the category of firearm/s you own, start now!

Do not wait until the court case!

After the training, the training provider will issue a training certificate and PFTC Statement of Results. Then you apply for a Competency Certificate at SAPS. They will check whether you have done the training and then send your fingerprints away for a criminal record check. Currently, this takes a few months. This should take about 3 months, but it now takes longer…

Be ready!

Do not get caught off guard!