Firearms Instructor Membership

As a professional firearms instructor, is is important to stay updated with latest trends in the training industry.

At this level, you will gain access to courses that will enhance your skills as a professional firearms instructor. Some of these courses are restricted access to regular members or non-members.

Our courses raise benchmarks in the firearms industry and set international standards. All our courses are endorsed by the International Accreditation Organization (unless otherwise specified).

Specific courses are also endorsed by or presented on professional Firearm Instructor Associations across the world. (Details in the Members Area)

You will also have access to blog posts normally restricted to the public or regular members in the Bronze to Gold Membership areas.

How to JOIN…

You will have to send us your credentials as a qualified firearms instructor for verification before accepted in this level. Here we train instructors! No instructor is a KNOW-IT-ALL! There is always room for improvement in all of us. Remember, a great instructor always learns more… Be on the lookout for our Mastering Adult Education Courses and other all time greats.

As an instructor, you will have additional benefits and deals.

This membership will also allow you access to blog posts and courses exclusive to instructors (out of the public eye). You will also receive a discount on selected courses which will be available to other membership levels.

Of course, you will have to prove that you are a qualified firearms instructor before you can join this level. You will be asked to submit your credentials for verification. Unfortunately, we have to charge a small NON-REFUNDABLE FEE ( $ 5) to verify your credentials.

Once verified and accepted, you will receive an email with the payment link to pay the outstanding Annual Membership Fee. The total Annual Membership Fee is $35. Your $5 for verification and application will be deducted from the $35, so in the first year, we will only require the additional $30. Thereafter, you will pay the $35 per annum.