Firearm Amnesty 2021

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and YOUR GUN! What you NEED to know about the firearm amnesty 2021.

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It is important to state the following first:

Unfortunately, a lot of firearm owners lent out their ears to Wise Asses. NOW, it is backfiring on you and they are Missing In Action. A lot of these are working in gun shops, and some of them might even be firearms instructors. You may even have gotten your info from associations or some others sources. This is not meant as an insult to anyone, or any specific association, gun shop or training provider! This is about what you should do NOW during the firearm amnesty 2021.

Now you may lose your gun if you continue listening to them!

And NO, it is not about how much money I can make during firearm amnesty 2021. I strongly suggest you continue reading. Especially of you are angry!

What if the police go through the system on 31 January, or technically Monday 1 February 2021 and find out that you did not make use of the amnesty to hand in your gun and follow the process to apply for a new license? What if they see that you are now an ILLEGAL GUN OWNER?

In the last few days, I have written quite a few motivations for new firearm license applications for people who has expired licenses.

First, it is important to state that now is not the time to raise opinions on the government or the current Firearms Control Act.

I am giving you the facts so that you can make an informed decision. After you took the time to read this (which I strongly advise you to do) you can do with your firearm whatever you want. I am going to tell you what should be done, and you may not like it. In fact, I know you won’t, but that does not justify illegal actions or change the facts. Neither does it change what should be done to what you actually want to do.

And NO, bending the barrel or welding the bolt shut is not an option, neither is the bottom of the local dam.

Let’s get started, shall we?

First, the Green License…

Currently, the green licenses are still valid, IF YOU HAVE NOT APPLIED FOR THE WHITE LICENSE!

You see, the moment you applied for the new White License, you agreed to migrate from the old firearms act to the new Firearms Control Act, whether you like it or not. No donkey’s opinion can change that.

So, if your White License now expired, you cannot fall back on the green license. You are now in the same boat as the other expired white license holders and your firearm is illegal.

What can you do now during Firearms Amnesty 2021?

I think you need to understand what the police license system can do now, regardless of any opinions on why the system cannot capture expired licenses. As I said, this is not the place or time for opinions, especially not the angry ones. It is more important to know what you must do next.

The police system cannot capture any firearm license for renewal once the license has expired. That is just the way it is. This means you cannot even hand your gun to a gun shop for safe keeping. They cannot capture it on gun shop dealer stock and take it off your name once it expired. So, the police came up with the amnesty to allow you to reapply.

First, they need to remove it from your name, so you can apply for the same firearm as if it is new one. You know, a complete new application. I know how you feel, but this is the only way. Yes, I know, I know…

Alright, think of it this way, once they remove the gun from your name, you are illegally in possession of firearm. The police will store the firearm for safe keeping in the time you apply for the new one.


To be safe, I would not go for more than 10 working days. That is pushing the limit already. I strongly suggest you have all the paperwork in order by the time you hand in the firearm. This will allow you to apply straight away. Stalling will cause delay. Delay may cause you to wake up and find out that time expired and your gun is now going to the smelter.

Image by Bill Taft from Pixabay

The good news is, there are already some who got their licenses from the first firearm amnesty. Just ask around on social media.

Self defense or Sport shooting?

The next important thing you need to consider is whether you must apply for a self defense firearm or a sport shooting firearm. I will discuss that in the next blog post.

In the meantime, you can find some answers here.

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