Apply for a Firearm License: Why Firearm Licenses are Declined

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Was your Firearm License Application Rejected!

Firearm License Applications and why the get Rejected

It is becoming more and more and more difficult to obtain a firearm license. I know what the law says and I know there are many that will say:” You only need this and that. You don’t need this and you must not attach that.” Apply for a firearm license. A good motivation and supporting documents are key to a successful firearm license application.

I am not here to argue with anyone or try and change the opinions of the keyboard warriors or the guys who watch Judge Judy as an online course.

I am here to tell you WHAT WORKS AND WHAT DOESN’T.

Do you want your gun or not?

I have been writing motivations since 2010. I provide professional firearm training for longer than I can remember and provide firearm learning material country-wide. My firearm learning material is also approved by the International Accreditation Organization. You can read more on this on the home page.

This post is not about me. IT IS ABOUT YOU!

A good motivation and supporting documents are key to a successful firearm license application.

Firearm License Approved!

Never have I had a motivation that was declined. Well, there was one, but he did not listen to my advice.

You know: The client is always right!

So he had to pay again later to get a new motivation after I got to say: “I told you so!”

So, here are the latest developments:

According to the guru’s you do not have to prove membership f you apply for Section 15: Occasional Hunting or Occasional Sport shooting. Nowadays everyone has something to say about what should and what shouldn’t. There are many opinions about the SAPS and your rights concerning your firearm ownership.

I ask again: “Do you want the gun or not?”

You see, nowadays the SAPS want everything and the kitchen sink as proof that you need the firearm. (I have noticed that the kitchen sink makes the application quite heavy, so I opted for a set of photos and a signed declaration that the sink in the picture is indeed my own). It does not matter to them that the hunter-bug has bitten you and you now eat, drink, sleep hunting. It does not matter to them whether you have inherited a masterpiece of a shotgun from your grandpa. They still want photos of your hunt. I know of a recent application that was declined because of lack of motivation (photos) and NO, it was not my motivation.

I just got a Master Plan!

Do you think will work if I take a picture of me in the open field with my gun? Just the two of us, my gun and I. No buck, no bird, no pig or frog or whatever. Then I can just write an affidavit stating that I did hunt. See the photo of me in the head-to-toe camo’s. The buck got away because I shot the hornets’ nest in thee branch above the buck’s head. So the buck got away. And so did I!

No-one tried such an application before. You to prove that you hunted. Hunting is hunting. Hitting a hornets’ nest is also hunting! How are you supposed to prove a not-so-successful hunt?

Anyway, SAPS declines applications if you cannot prove that you are an active shot. Regardless of the opinions of the many “experts” out there. It s easier to DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME and to give them what they want. The wait is long enough as it is. So a declined application and appeal is not an option. TICK…TOCK… Have you ever wondered whether your gun thinks of you too when he cannot sleep on the gun shop shelf?

Yes. I said HE. Or is your Glock pink?

Is there a solution?

Here is the solution when you apply for a firearm license. . A cheap one.

But before I give it to you, I want to make you attentive on the following: ( I want you to make an informed decision). Regardless of whether they want to take Section 13 (firearm for Self-defense) out of the Act and whether it is just a proposal that leaked out by accident, here is what you need to know: It has not been removed from the Act yet. A good motivation and supporting documents are key to a successful firearm license application.

You can ONLY store a Section 13 firearm in a loaded condition! That means that a sport shooting or hunting firearm must be stored UNLOADED! There are also many opinions about carrying a sport shooting handgun for self-defense and what the law allows. They call it grey areas. hers is my question: So what if you shoot someone in Pick & Pay with your sport shooting handgun? A good lawyer will get you loose, right?

“Why did you have your sport shooting firearm in the shop?”, the state attorney asks you while you nervously stare a hole in the accused box in front of you. “I, uhm, I , I, I.” the state attorney reminds you that you are under oath. Damn! This guy has no mercy!

Let’s not start a debate here. I just want to give you my opinion. It is easier, and lawful to use your self-defense firearm for sport shooting. But the problem may be that your Self-defense firearm does not have all the bells and whistles you want your sport shooting firearm to have. Or you need a rifle or shotgun and you already have a self-defense firearm.

Apply for a firearm license: Hunting or Sport shooting?

The Firearms Control Act specifies firearms for hunting or sport shooting but does not discriminate between the two. What I am saying is, your license only shows “Section 15” for Occasional Sport shooting or hunting and “Section 16” for Dedicated sport shooting or hunting. The license does not specify hunting or sport shooting, it only states Section 15 or Section 16.

The Institution Code (Registration code at SAPS) is allocated to an institution (like a hunters association) and another code issued to the same institution for sport shooting (One institution may have two codes, one for hunting and one for sport shooting). This still makes NO difference to what is stipulated on your license. It does not specify hunting or sport shooting on your license.

The Solution

So, here is the solution to the problem for new hunter and sport shooters.

You can simply join the online shooting club. the online system allows you to shoot anywhere on the world and you can join online for JOIN ONLINE for just R350 for 2020. As soon as your payment is received via our trustworthy online payment gateway, you will receive an email with your invitation details. Simply complete the questionnaire to receive your membership certificate. Your Certificate of Good Standing is sent to your via email.

Proof in your license application

When you apply for a Firearm License, attach the Certificate to your license application to prove that you are serious about firearm ownership and that you are serious about being an active shooter. Remember: A good motivation and supporting documents are key to a successful firearm license application.

We have been doing this for a long time. Now it is just easier in our country-wide network. Our membership grows quickly across an international basis.

Don’t you think it is also important when you apply for a firearm license that you can prove that you are an active shooter, even if you own a gun for self-defense? This may be important when you have to renew your license. What if you need to prove activity? Will you be able to obtain 5 or 10 years worth of proof of activity? LEGALLY?

Come to think of it: When was the last time you fired your self-defense weapon? Does it even work? Does the very expensive hollow point-explode-on-impact-very-powerful-super-impact-extra-high-velocity-zombie-killer-ammo with the dangerous red tip that was convincingly sold to you by the know-it-all youngster behind the gun shop counter 5 years ago even still work? You paid a fortune for a box of 25 because they just are that damn good. Worth every penny and has a shelf live for eternity. Are you sure about that? Does the steam in the shower do the ammo in your gun any good while the gun is “always ready” on the shower rack?

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Remember: A good motivation and supporting documents are key to a successful firearm license application.