IC GUNS International


1.            NAME

The name shall be ” IC GUNS International (PTY) LTD, Hereinafter referred to as IC GUNS.

2.            WEBSITE

IC GUNS INTERNATIONAL will utilize the website of as a membership platform. Members joining through the platform will ally be recognized as a member by IC GUNS INTERNATIONAL. will manage all memberships of IC GUNS INTERNATIONAL

3.            ADDRESS

The postal address is: IC GUNS Indoor Shooting Range, Cnr R513 and R573, Pretoria. South Africa.

4.            OBJECT

The IC GUNS Objective:

To promote, organise and encourage safe, effective and professional firearm handling in the following shooting activities:

  • sport shooting,
  • hunting,
  • education on sport shooting, hunting, wildlife and nature, conservation of the ecology,
  • to foster a good image in the public eye and to promote the safe, competent and responsible use of firearms for anyone legally entitled to use them.


5.            OWNERSHIP

IC GUNS is managed by the the CEO, Francois Meyer.

6.            AFFILIATION

IC GUNS is affiliated with the following associations. ;-

  1. International Shooters Network (ISN),
  2. Izalathiso Consultants


(a)           The DIRECTORS will be entitled to appoint a Committee to handle all disciplinary hearings. The Committee will consist of a Chairman, vice Chairman, secretary, training officials, Public Relations Officers (PRO), Range Officers, ground Manager.

(b)          The DIRECTORS shall, where he considers it to be in the interest of IC GUNS, be entitled to;-

(I) refuse an application for membership,

(II) suspend the membership of any member,

(III) expel any member and

(IV) to take such other disciplinary measures as may in the circumstances be deemed appropriate.

                (c)         Before a member is expelled or suspended, such member shall be given the opportunity to state his/her case, explain or defend him- or herself, during a hearing . held on a date decided upon by the owner. Upon which date the hearing must be concluded.

                (d)          A member can resign from IC GUNS in writing at any time.

                (e)          A member who resigned or has been expelled or whose membership has been                                   suspended;

                i)             shall have no claim against IC GUNS, for reimbursement of any monies paid,

                ii)            shall hand back any badge, distinctive mark, documents or any other object related                          to IC GUNS


Misconduct includes the following;-

                i)             members not following the prescribed safety procedures while shooting,

                ii)            members exposing themselves to misconduct towards the owner of a game farm                               while hunting,

                iii)           use of firearms against the law, regulation and/or ordinance,

                iv)           any other behaviour where the name or good image of any affiliated Association                                and/or IC GUNS could suffer damage or shame and

                v)            misbehaviour while using the facilities of any shooting range.


(a)           An application form to be completed and furnished to the administration of IC GUNS.

(b)          A copy of the applicant’s ID to accompany the application form.

(c)           Membership fees will be set from time to time and is to be paid per annum in advance.

(d)          Once the membership application is approved, the member will be issued with a membership card and will have access to certain member benefits and access to webinar tutorials.

(e)          Dedicated- Sport/Hunter person – A training programme, theoretical & practical, to be done by all new applicants to obtain this status. The theory and practical test must be passed to obtain full status.

(f)           The theory exam mentioned in (e) above, will be based on the theoretical learner guide provided to the individual upon enrolment, whether in hardcopy or electronic format. Once the individual notifies IC GUNS that he/she is ready for examination, the learner will be provided with a password to access electronic exam on the IC GUNS website or be provided with a downloadable PDF format which will be printed, completed, scanned and submitted within the specified time frame.

(g)           Practical target assessment: members will download the target provided by IC GUNS relevant to the category of firearm he/she will shoot for the application. The target must be shot at an NRCS approved shooting range and signed as witness by a Range Officer or delegate of that specific range. The date stamp and Company Stamp will appear in the block provided. Once completed, the target will be scanned and sent to IC GUNS electronically for verification.       

 (h)         Once a new member furnished the necessary documents, dedicated status will be awarded, and a certificate issued via PDF on the member’s e-mail or online status page.

(i)            Members holding dedicated status will be responsible for the maintenance of the status.


The management, control and administration of IC GUNS shall vest in the director and CEO.


The financial year shall extend from 1 February to 31 January.


The membership year shall extend from 1 January to 31 December.


IC GUNS shall keep such entries, registers, records and shooting results of all members as are required by Law.

13.1       IC GUNS officially accepts the word of its members and trust the integrity thereof. IC GUNS, as an accredited association, is compelled by law to require additional confirmation documents as evidence of participation in events. Any activities entered on member profiles, must be verified. Any member who participate in an event, uploads proof electronically. All such uploads must therefor be accompanied by confirming documents showing clearly that the reporting member had participated in that specific activity or event on a specific day or days over a specified time.

Confirmation documentation must be scanned and e-mailed to the address provided in order for your entry to be verified and your profile updated.

Confirming documents will include:

  • IC GUNS Logbook entries (see 12.2)
  • Photographs of hunting, (date visible)
  • Scanned targets (signed and dated by witness, (employee of specific shooting range or farm)
  • Farm letters signed and stamped by owner or delegate
  • Video uploads showing dates
  • Certificates of courses attended (the validity of the training institution and certificate will be verified)
    • Reloading of ammunition
    • Hunting
    • Sport-shooting
    • Tactical
    • Precision shooting
  • Proof of attending a shooting related event:
    • Expo’s which are firearm related (such as Huntex, Shot Show, etc.)
    • Proof of enrolment for an IC GUNS online webinar
    • Proof of participation in the Annual IC GUNS Conference
    • Proof of Participation in an IC GUNS organized event anywhere in the country
      • Proof may include:
      • Entry tickets
      • Certificates
      • Enrolment forms

All members shall always have the right of access to the registers, and results.


This Constitution may only be amended by the Director/s of IC GUNS.


The Practical Shooting Rules/Scoring conforms to international standards for each category of firearm.


The dissolution of IC GUNS can only occur by operation of law and/or the director/ CEO of IC GUNS.