Membership with the Shooters’ Network automatically grants access to club membership with IC GUNS INTERNATIONAL Shooting Club and hold the status of Occasional Hunter and Sport Shooter. This in turn, makes the application for a firearm license under the S.A. Firearms Control Act easier for Section 15 license applications. This includes firearms for sport shooting and hunting purposes. This applies to South African members. It is important for you to prove activity as a hunter or sport shooter when you renew your firearm license, whether it is every 5 years or 10 years. Membership with IC GUNS allow you to prove membership and activity as a hunter and sport shooter. An annual membership “Member in Good Standing” certificate is issued to paid members who continue to meet the membership requirements. These certificates are valuable evidence upon renewal of firearm license.

You can read the Constitution here.

Read the Membership Terms and Conditions here

Apart from the above, the membership holds additional benefits to international members, which includes:

  • Discounts on online courses when provided.
  • Lifetime access to courses enrolled for.
  • Access to blogs
    • Exciting news.
    • Shooting tips and helpful hints
    • Hints on self-defense
    • Gun reviews
  • Access to FREE Short Courses
  • Relevant Industry Updates and News letters

Instructor Membership

Qualified Firearms Instructors Membership status will is granted to firearm instructors across the world. Members in this level will have automatic access to the benefits of the Regular Membership status.

Qualified Firearms Instructors Membership has the following advantages:

  • Automatic access to the benefits of the Regular Membership status.
  • Access Adult Education Courses at reduced course prices
  • Access Training related blogs and newsletters
  • Instructor Member Certificate and membership card.
  • Access to Quarterly magazine

Mission is committed to the enhancement of skills of professional firearm instructors across the world. Being a professional firearm instructor is an advanced skill. Not only as a shooter, but also as a good trainer. Being a good or even a great shot, does not automatically make you a great instructor (and vice-versa).

Not only does the dedicate all possible time to stay on top of current trends in adult education, but constantly does research to to develop new methods and training aids in the firearms training industry. The times of just taking someone to the range with and old Colt 1911 and pump a few shots downrange is long gone.