Firearm Instructor Course Sponsorship

Shooters’ is SPONSORING Firearm Instructor courses!

We have decided to team up with Izalathiso Consultants in Pretoria. Most of you will know them as IC Guns. We are investing in the Next Generation. You see, according to us, there are not enough youngsters in the trade of firearm instructor. Maybe you will differ from our opinion, but then again, how much is enough?

Is firearm instructor a dying breed?

The courses presented by IC Guns (Izalathiso Consultants) are accredited with the S.A. Professional Firearm Trainers’ Council. Not only that… It is also approved by the International Accreditation Organization and hence carry international status.

The course will be presented in Pretoria, South Africa in partnership with IC Guns.

How does the sponsorship work?

Unfortunately, if we present the course absolutely free, we are bound to have some guys on course that are not serious and just want to tag along for the ride. So, we had to come up with a price and minimum criteria to qualify for the sponsorship.


It is a fact that people who pay for something themselves are far more committed to finish what they started. You can also understand we don’t want to spend all the money on sponsoring candidates for an instructor course who are only there because they have nothing better to do…

Even worse! They think there will be free food for the week!

Or they just think that they will come and shoot out our ammo…

Just think for a moment….

How much will such a course normally cost?

Yes, anything between R10000 – R16000. EXCLUDING GUNS AND AMMO!

What will you pay for this course then? has decided to sponsor a gigantic amount of $300!

$300 per person!

That means you only pay R3500 for the entire course!

The FIRST 10 to enroll for the course (who meets the criteria off course) will ONLY PAY R3500 for the firearms instructor course.

The NEXT 10 to enroll for the course will pay R4500. Off course, they will have to meet the same criteria.

Criteria for firearm instructor sponsorship

  1. Provide proof of the following completed courses:
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 U/S 117705
    • Handle and Use a Handgun U/S 119649
    • Handle and Use a Self-loading Rifle U/S 119650
    • Handle and Use a Manually operated rifle U/S 119651
    • Handle and Use a Shotgun U/S 119652
    • Handle and Use a Handgun for Business Purposes
    • Handle and Use a Shotgun for Business Purposes
    • Handle and Use a Self-loading Rifle or Carbine for Business purposes
    • Handle and Use a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine for Business Purposes
  2. Provide own (or have access to) firearms and ammunition for the course.
    1. Ammunition as follows:
    • Handgun: 500
    • Shotgun 200
    • Rifle (Hunting) 50
    • Rifle (Semi-auto) 400

The full course meets the requirements of the SAQA Unit Standard 123520 Supervise Firearm Training. Not only does it meet the criteria, but it exceeds the expectations by far!

You see, many can say that they are or have been a firearms instructor since WWII, or something similar. That may be true, but the fact that they have been doing it for 30 years, does not mean that they have doing it RIGHT for the last 30 years!

So, what will make THIS course any different?

What is the difference between a good and a GREAT firearms instructor?

Find out…

About your course presenter:

Course Completion

Once you have successfully completed the course, you will receive a certificate from Izalathiso AND a free Shooters Network Instructor Membership registration. You will only pay for the 2021 Annual Membership in January 2021!

Course Date

This course is scheduled for 2- 6 November 2020.

Hurry! Spaces are limited!

And we would like to send you your course material in advance to give you a head start…


  • IC Guns Indoor Shooting Range
  • Tshwane China Shopping Mall
  • Corner of Zambezi Drive and Moloto rd
  • Pretoria
  • Contact us here

What’s next?

Izalathiso Consultants provide all the expertise to assist you in registering your own firearm training center with the relevant South African governing bodies. They provide services from learning material, moderation services, accreditation consulting and guidance. Visit their website here.

How to enroll:

  • First you need to fill out the form and send us your proof that you meet the necessary minimum criteria.
  • We will contact you once we have reviewed your application, we will send you the details for the enrolment and invoice for payment.
  • You will receive your course material within a week of successful enrolment to allow you enough time to prepare for the course. Once we received your proof of payment, we will send you the course material via courier.

What to expect on course

Once you have received your course material, you will be expected to start your studies. This is where the difference between a good instructor and a great instructor starts. Your learning material package contains a Leaner Guide and an Assessment Guide. The Assessment Guide contains your Formative Exam and you must complete this before you arrive on course. Complete the answers thoroughly and study the questions and answers. You must write a Summative Exam as part of the course. The Summative Exam is based on the Questions and Answers in your Formative Exam.

You need to practice for your practical Qualification Shoot. You will find the layout of the shoot in the Assessment Guide. Keep in mind that you are not attending the course so that we can teach you how to shoot. You are on on course so that we can teach you how to teach others how to shoot.

There is no time on the course to prepare you in full for the qualification shoot. We will shoot the qualification on Day 4 of the course and you must reshoot it again on Day 5 as part of the PFTC Grading Shoot. The Grading Shoot is integrated in the course curriculum.

The contact time of the course is 5 days. We send you the learning material before the time to make sure you come on the course prepared. This will ensure that you have had ample time to complete the Formative Assessment and prepare you for the course. Homework accumulates into the notional (learning) hours you need to complete the course.

Just for clarity, it is not a 4 day course. Nor is it a 5 day course! Just to get that part cleared.

It is a course much longer than that. The CONTACT SESSION of the course is 5 days. That means that the learner receives the books (or learning material if you which to use more professional terms) in advance and arrives at the CONTACT SESSION well prepared. This means that I gave the learner enough study time (written in the Formative Assessment) and enough time to prepare for the practical Qualification Shoot of the course, which forms the Practical Assessment.

Read more on the What are Credits and Notional Hours here:

What is different?

We steer away from the conventional course structure, yet still comply with the SAQA requirements. Not only do we do things different but our unique course is also approved by the International Accreditation Organization.

Apply for the sponsorship

Fill out the application form below:

Make sure you attach your certificates as proof of meeting the criteria.


As soon as we reviewed your application, we will send you an invoice with the amount you must pay for the course. Once the invoice is paid, we will contact you and send you the course material to get you started.


Instructor Course Sponsorship Application

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf.
    Upload the following documents here: Copy of ID PFTC Statement of Results for the following U/S: 117705 Demonstrate knowledge of the Firearms Control Act 119649 Handle and use a handgun 119651 Handle and use a manually operated rifle or carbine 119650 Handle and use a self-loading rifle or carbine 119652 Handle and use a shotgun 123511 Handle and use a self loading rifle or carbine for business 123514 Handle and use a shotgun for business purposes 123515 Handle and use a handgun for business purposes 123519 Handle and use a manually operated rifle or carbine for business purposes

Green Firearm License

Is the South African Green Firearm License still valid?

Is the green firearm license still valid? White license expired but I still have a green license. What now?

This is the question on everyone’s mind nowadays. At least everyone who owns a firearm in South Africa and are still in possession of a green Firearm License issued under the Old Firearms Act prior 2000.

There is a lot of confusion about the validity of this license and the media is not helping much.

Let me explain: The current debate lets you believe that if you have an EXPIRED White License under the new FCA (Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000), but you still have a GREEN License for that firearm, the green license makes the firearm still valid.


Regardless of what the media or some groups tell you. You see, the moment you have switched over to the White License, you automatically swore compliance to the new FCA. Then the rights you had under the old act has fallen away. Now, a guy said to me that he never signed anywhere to state that he declares his green license invalid and will now comply with the new act, so the green license is still valid even if his white license expired.


White License

Once you have immigrated to the new FCA and have a new white license, you must comply with the new FCA and the expiry dates of your license/s. This is not debatable. Yes, it is an immigration, which means the old no longer applies to you.

Green License and the pending court case

Like it or not, you may have heard that the green licenses were safe for a few years and the court has ruled that if you have a green license you are safe. You may also have heard recently that the SAPS plan to challenge that ruling in court on the near future.

Now, based on the previous court rulings on firearm licenses in the last few years, I am going to say the following:

Be very careful when lending out your ears to the media and the “guru’s”, Yes, there are many….

Your questions should rather be:

  • How can I be prepared if the court case rules in the favor of the SAPS and green licenses become invalid?
  • What will happen if the court case rules against green licenses?
  • How much time will we have to comply with the new FCA?
  • What will happen if we don’t comply?

Make sure you have done the proper firearm training at an accredited training provider. (see a list of our preferred providers here).

If the court case rules in favor of the SAPS, you may have a restricted period to switch over. I said may. I cannot predict the final say, but I do know that they plan to challenge it shortly while the Amnesty is still going on. Remember, you only have time to comply with the Amnesty until the end of January 2021.

Do Not Delay.

Read more on Amnesty here.


I am afraid that if you do not comply, you may have to hand in your firearms or face criminal charges for illegal possession of firearms.

If you have not done training under the new FCA and do not possess a Competency Certificate for the category of firearm/s you own, start now!

Do not wait until the court case!

After the training, the training provider will issue a training certificate and PFTC Statement of Results. Then you apply for a Competency Certificate at SAPS. They will check whether you have done the training and then send your fingerprints away for a criminal record check. Currently, this takes a few months. This should take about 3 months, but it now takes longer…

Be ready!

Do not get caught off guard!

Apply for a Firearm License: Why Firearm Licenses are Declined

Was your Firearm License Application Rejected!

Firearm License Applications and why the get Rejected

It is becoming more and more and more difficult to obtain a firearm license. I know what the law says and I know there are many that will say:” You only need this and that. You don’t need this and you must not attach that.” Apply for a firearm license. A good motivation and supporting documents are key to a successful firearm license application.

I am not here to argue with anyone or try and change the opinions of the keyboard warriors or the guys who watch Judge Judy as an online course.

I am here to tell you WHAT WORKS AND WHAT DOESN’T.

Do you want your gun or not?

I have been writing motivations since 2010. I provide professional firearm training for longer than I can remember and provide firearm learning material country-wide. My firearm learning material is also approved by the International Accreditation Organization. You can read more on this on the home page.

This post is not about me. IT IS ABOUT YOU!

A good motivation and supporting documents are key to a successful firearm license application.

Firearm License Approved!

Never have I had a motivation that was declined. Well, there was one, but he did not listen to my advice.

You know: The client is always right!

So he had to pay again later to get a new motivation after I got to say: “I told you so!”

So, here are the latest developments:

According to the guru’s you do not have to prove membership f you apply for Section 15: Occasional Hunting or Occasional Sport shooting. Nowadays everyone has something to say about what should and what shouldn’t. There are many opinions about the SAPS and your rights concerning your firearm ownership.

I ask again: “Do you want the gun or not?”

You see, nowadays the SAPS want everything and the kitchen sink as proof that you need the firearm. (I have noticed that the kitchen sink makes the application quite heavy, so I opted for a set of photos and a signed declaration that the sink in the picture is indeed my own). It does not matter to them that the hunter-bug has bitten you and you now eat, drink, sleep hunting. It does not matter to them whether you have inherited a masterpiece of a shotgun from your grandpa. They still want photos of your hunt. I know of a recent application that was declined because of lack of motivation (photos) and NO, it was not my motivation.

I just got a Master Plan!

Do you think will work if I take a picture of me in the open field with my gun? Just the two of us, my gun and I. No buck, no bird, no pig or frog or whatever. Then I can just write an affidavit stating that I did hunt. See the photo of me in the head-to-toe camo’s. The buck got away because I shot the hornets’ nest in thee branch above the buck’s head. So the buck got away. And so did I!

No-one tried such an application before. You to prove that you hunted. Hunting is hunting. Hitting a hornets’ nest is also hunting! How are you supposed to prove a not-so-successful hunt?

Anyway, SAPS declines applications if you cannot prove that you are an active shot. Regardless of the opinions of the many “experts” out there. It s easier to DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME and to give them what they want. The wait is long enough as it is. So a declined application and appeal is not an option. TICK…TOCK… Have you ever wondered whether your gun thinks of you too when he cannot sleep on the gun shop shelf?

Yes. I said HE. Or is your Glock pink?

Is there a solution?

Here is the solution when you apply for a firearm license. . A cheap one.

But before I give it to you, I want to make you attentive on the following: ( I want you to make an informed decision). Regardless of whether they want to take Section 13 (firearm for Self-defense) out of the Act and whether it is just a proposal that leaked out by accident, here is what you need to know: It has not been removed from the Act yet. A good motivation and supporting documents are key to a successful firearm license application.

You can ONLY store a Section 13 firearm in a loaded condition! That means that a sport shooting or hunting firearm must be stored UNLOADED! There are also many opinions about carrying a sport shooting handgun for self-defense and what the law allows. They call it grey areas. hers is my question: So what if you shoot someone in Pick & Pay with your sport shooting handgun? A good lawyer will get you loose, right?

“Why did you have your sport shooting firearm in the shop?”, the state attorney asks you while you nervously stare a hole in the accused box in front of you. “I, uhm, I , I, I.” the state attorney reminds you that you are under oath. Damn! This guy has no mercy!

Let’s not start a debate here. I just want to give you my opinion. It is easier, and lawful to use your self-defense firearm for sport shooting. But the problem may be that your Self-defense firearm does not have all the bells and whistles you want your sport shooting firearm to have. Or you need a rifle or shotgun and you already have a self-defense firearm.

Apply for a firearm license: Hunting or Sport shooting?

The Firearms Control Act specifies firearms for hunting or sport shooting but does not discriminate between the two. What I am saying is, your license only shows “Section 15” for Occasional Sport shooting or hunting and “Section 16” for Dedicated sport shooting or hunting. The license does not specify hunting or sport shooting, it only states Section 15 or Section 16.

The Institution Code (Registration code at SAPS) is allocated to an institution (like a hunters association) and another code issued to the same institution for sport shooting (One institution may have two codes, one for hunting and one for sport shooting). This still makes NO difference to what is stipulated on your license. It does not specify hunting or sport shooting on your license.

The Solution

So, here is the solution to the problem for new hunter and sport shooters.

You can simply join the online shooting club. the online system allows you to shoot anywhere on the world and you can join online for JOIN ONLINE for just R350 for 2020. As soon as your payment is received via our trustworthy online payment gateway, you will receive an email with your invitation details. Simply complete the questionnaire to receive your membership certificate. Your Certificate of Good Standing is sent to your via email.

Proof in your license application

When you apply for a Firearm License, attach the Certificate to your license application to prove that you are serious about firearm ownership and that you are serious about being an active shooter. Remember: A good motivation and supporting documents are key to a successful firearm license application.

We have been doing this for a long time. Now it is just easier in our country-wide network. Our membership grows quickly across an international basis.

Don’t you think it is also important when you apply for a firearm license that you can prove that you are an active shooter, even if you own a gun for self-defense? This may be important when you have to renew your license. What if you need to prove activity? Will you be able to obtain 5 or 10 years worth of proof of activity? LEGALLY?

Come to think of it: When was the last time you fired your self-defense weapon? Does it even work? Does the very expensive hollow point-explode-on-impact-very-powerful-super-impact-extra-high-velocity-zombie-killer-ammo with the dangerous red tip that was convincingly sold to you by the know-it-all youngster behind the gun shop counter 5 years ago even still work? You paid a fortune for a box of 25 because they just are that damn good. Worth every penny and has a shelf live for eternity. Are you sure about that? Does the steam in the shower do the ammo in your gun any good while the gun is “always ready” on the shower rack?

Need Competency? or visit


I understand. You live in a security complex.


I want you to be ready!


We assist with firearm license applications and professional motivations for only R500!

Remember: A good motivation and supporting documents are key to a successful firearm license application.

Firearm Amnesty

A New Firearm Amnesty was approved by Parliament on 31 July 2020.

The Firearm Amnesty will run from 1 August 2020 to 31 January 2021.

I believe that this will be the final Firearm Amnesty period made available for gun owners with expired licenses before the full weight of the law comes down on your head. After this, you may not be able to complain about the law being corrupt, or whatever is the “in” thing to say these days.

Do not end up like this because you failed to make use of the Firearm Amnesty

The hard fact is: YOU DID NOT RENEW YOUR LICENSE IN TIME. SO YOU ARE AT FAULT, regardless of your opinion.

Courts are adamant on the belief that people with expired licenses are in unlawful possession of firearms. The firearm amnesty may be your last resort.

Here is what you need to know (I will discuss the steps to follow to apply for the expired license below):

You must renew your Competency Certificate issued by the SAPS, but you can renew this together with your license application. (That was the conditions of the previous amnesty and I doubt it will be different.)

You do not have to redo the Firearm Training if you did the right stuff in the first place, but there may be one catch, though. If you did their training in 2009/2010 and you were one of those who stood in looooooong queues at firearm training centers to only do a quick course (test) on the Firearms Control Act alone, without any theoretical or practical training on a firearm/s, you may have problem in future. Yes, I am aware that some guru’s would want to stone me for saying that YOU NEED TO DO IT if you did not. Here is why:

Here is what the Law says about Competency and what everyone seem to miss or just prefer not to talk about:

Application for competency certificate

  1. (1) An application for a competency certificate to possess a firearm, to trade in firearms, to manufacture firearms or to carry on business as a gunsmith must be delivered to the Designated Firearms Officer responsible for the area in which the applicant ordinarily resides or in which the applicant’s business is or will be situated, as the case may be.

(2) Where a person has not previously obtained a competency certificate, a competency certificate may only be issued to such person if he or she—

(q) has successfully completed the prescribed test on knowledge of this Act;
(r) has successfully completed the prescribed training and practical tests regarding the safe and efficient handling of a firearm;

You can apply for a renewal of your SAPS Competency Certificate by just completing the application form and providing a copy of the current SAPS Competency. However, that was the past and might still be (FOR NOW). BUT what if the SAPS decide to check all your training and verify it towards the FCA clause above? Do you still think you will comply?

Here is what you need to have in place:

A training center certificate with 117705 Demonstrate Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act; as well as one or all of the following (relevant to you)

119649 Handle and Use a Handgun
119650 Handle and Use a Self-loading Rifle or Carbine
119651 Handle and Use a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine
119652 Handle and Use a Shotgun

You also need a PFTC (Professional Firearm Trainers’ Council) Statement of Results stating the above. A Directive issued by the SAPS a few years ago states that the SAPS must accept a SASSETA certificate issued before end of 2014 as well. They don’t. Unfortunately, if you do not have a valid SASSETA certificate or a PFTC Statement of Results, you will have to redo the training. YES, I know…

Why you may not have the correct docs

There are many reasons why you may not have a SASSETA certificate. Whatever the reason is, is not their problem. All training centers where supposed to submit learner results to the SASSETA. SASSETA, in turn, was supposed to issue a certificate from their side. There was a huge delay in the issueing of certificates for many reasons. This in turn opened the market for many fly-by-night centers and fraudsters to sell certificates. It was all accepted by SAPS because there was no way to check validity. The PFTC started because of this (among other reasons). Today there are some training providers kicking against the new system and against the PFTC.

I cannot help to wonder what the reason would be for them to fight a system that works. The PFTC monitors and verifies training providers to make sure all firearm training centers comply and do honest and reliable training according to the set guidelines. Unfortunately, there will always be the guy who fights against a good system and try to defraud it. The verification conducted by the PFTC are done by selected Subject Matter Experts from the firearms training industry itself. Not every John Doe can become a verifier.

No wonder some old training providers out there are upset with the new “illegal” PFTC. The same directive from SAPS I mentioned above, also states that the PFTC is the governing body of firearm training and they in turn are being governed by the QCTO and not SAQA as in the past.

The right documents?

You probably wonder now if you have the right docs in place. If you have done your training before 2009 and your certificate still states the following: 10748 Use a Handgun; 10750, 10752, etc. you will have to redo the training because that only contained small parts of the Transitional Provisions of the Act and was not the full Unit Standard (117705 Demonstrate Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000).

I have posted a video on our Facebook Page to explain and show you what the SASSETA certificate and the PFTC Statement of Results look like. Do yourself a favor and check it out here.

How to apply for a Firearm License during the Firearm Amnesty

As you probably know by now, the SAPS system does not allow you to renew an expired license. I am not a politician and the reason/s you may have heard or what the real reasons are, are not part of this discussion. The fact is, the SAPS system cannot accept it.

Here are the steps to follow during the Firearm Amnesty

  1. Hand in your firearm to the SAPS. (Yes, I understand your frustration, but there is no other legal way)
  2. You will have 14 days (the Amnesty Conditions are the same as the previous amnesty) to submit a full NEW application for the firearm license. I suggest you make sure you have all docs in place for the full new application BEFORE YOU HAND IN YOUR FIREARM. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MOMENT. Everybody is going to postpone until thew last moment.
  3. You will surrender you firearm to your nearest Police Station. Make sure that you have a SIGNED copy of the submission form that you submitted together the firearm.
  4. Make sure you have the correct training certificates in place for future reference. You may or may not need it now, but we don’t want it to backfire on you later. Do you really want to give them a reason to decline your application on a firearm you have nurtured for so many years?
  5. After you hand in your firearm, the SAPS will remove it from your name and you will be able to apply as if it is a new firearm you apply for (as if you are getting it from the state). Does that make sense? Apparently, there is no other way.
  6. You must ONLY complete the SAPS 522(a) form for Surrendering of Firearm Item(s) and NOT the SAPS 522(b) form for Forfeiture of Firearm Item(s).
  7. INSIST ON A COPY OF THE SAPS 548 (AMNESTY FORM) completed by the Amnesty Officer.

Documents for Application:

Yo will need the following documents when you submit your application during the Firearm Amnesty:

  • A certified copy of the applicant’s competency certificate (if already issued).
  • Completed SAPS 271 form.
  • A comprehensive motivation to support the need for the firearm licence, preferably in the form of a statement under oath or affirmation.
  • Provide a certified copy of the legal firearm licence, permit or authorization applicable to the specific firearm (if applicable).
  • Certified copy of your ID
  • Additional supporting documents
  • Copy of the SAPS 522(a) form


You must submit a full new applications with all the bells and whistles attached.

We can help. We charge R500 per firearm motivation anywhere in South Africa. Technology is amazing. Go and read the the latest Facebook post with reasons why Firearm License Applications get declined, regardless of what the “experts” say. I will post an updated one on that on shootersnetwork soon.


I will keep you updated on new developments regarding the Amnesty.

I will see you in the Members Area.

Online Competency Training


You can now start the whole process to your license application in South Africa ONLINE!

First of all, we need to set one thing straight. There is no such thing as Competency Training for Firearms. Training centers issue Proficiency Certificates once you have successfully completed a course. The COMPETENCY CERTIFICATE is issued by the South African Police Service once the have seen that you have completed the training and they have conducted a background check based on your criminal record.


Follow the video tutorials to complete an assignment.


BEFORE YOU START. The video explains the whole process…