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Shooters’ Network is an international shooters’ platform designed to host Professional and Hobby Sport Shooters and Hunters from across the globe.

Not only is it great to associate with Shooters’ Network as a member, we provide great courses at affordable prices, in turn empowering YOU to perform better every day.

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The founder, Francois Meyer, is: passionately curious. This inspired, and still does, many great bench-marking products in the firearms training industry and adult education field alike. He providers high quality learning material to, amongst others, firearm training centers across South Africa.

The passionate curiosity and 28 years in law enforcement, private security specialized units, professional firearms instructor and published author, has lead to may questions on how to teach better, how adults learn, what defines a great instructor. He has developed many benchmarking skills and learning material over the years, constantly seeking to understand then adult learning environment, and in turn, teaching adult educators to be GREAT!

He is also the founder of IC GUNS INTERNATIONAL and Izalathiso Consultants, a training provider accredited with the PFTC (Professional Firearm Trainers’ Council) as a lead service provider. Izalathiso Consultants has been dubbed IC GUNS for short and is commonly known to the locals as such. Izalathiso Consultants supplies accredited firearm training material, moderation services and new training centre start-up guidance packages.

IC also trains professional firearm instructors.

Due to the founder’s passionate curiosity, he is also a qualified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner, qualified Life Coach, holds a certificate in Criminal Psychology, PTSD Counsellor and is an Adult Education Professional.

He is also studying for an Associates Degree. All this combined produces a winning combination of recipe perfect for the courses we create. This in turn, provides for an addictive learning experience to be found nowhere else!